Tech campus


How early can you be involved when it comes to area development? If it’s up to the client Sioux (System developer with the discipline mechatronic, electronica, software and math): not early enough. As a part of the planned growth of the organisation, the investment for their own campus provided on the company premises. The recent required buildings need to transform with the already owned by Sioux buildings to an attractive total that not only keeps in inspiring their own employees, but also potential new employees to convince them to choose for Sioux as their employer.

Because Sioux chooses to create their own campus on the premises with other (not owned by Sioux) companies are located, creates teamwork and coordination of activities.


Urban Loyalty realise a broad discovery of possibilities and parts of the process directed to the campus that Sioux has in mind. Therefor a workgroup was created existing out of architectures/urban planners (Jelle Houben and Jeroen Zuidgeest), hospitality advisors (Rob Bongers and Roland Kleve), brand builders (Daan Melisand Mark Hoevenaars), workplace expert (Juriaan van Meel), Communication specialist (Monique Klooster and Han van den Eijnden) and managed amazingly (Kees van Beers). Left from a broad benchmark of existing campuses in the world, the previous named team members worked very close with Sioux. Weekly sessions where findings and ideas where presented to the group, provided with commentary, made modifications where needed, resulted in a final presentation in front of the management board, the board and multiple extern experts. 


These explorations give a clear direction and a definite program made of requirements that will be tackled step-by-step.

On to the next phase.