Tilburg marketing is the organisation who coordinates all the city marketing activities. To formulate a strategic plan focused on the upcoming years, Urban Loyalty received an assignment to filter and formulate the core values of the city. A thorough research for the DNA of Tilburg. Followed by sharp choices: which typical Tilburg’s element is so strong that I stand out as a pillar for the future strategy. A trajectory of a lot of conversations with stakeholders in the city, group discussions, desk research, conversations on the street, presentations. The result; A visual book with the explanations of the next processes and simple choices.


Like always history shows the city of today in the right perspective. The Tilburg-Project started in the regional archive. It quickly comes clear how the disappearance of the textile industry and replaced by a broad MKB-boarder that lets the economic hart of Tilburg beat. The social character that originated in history is still one of the most important characteristics of the community.

From all the discussing partners you hear the specific cases that are going around the city where they operate.


From football club, university, music theatre to entrepreneur and from city to poet, strategist to artist and from student to architect. Out of numerous conversations the key point is starting to appear. This symbolises the people and work. 

Authentic as Tilburg is, the city creates space for knowledge, skills and character for the residents. That’s how a Tilburg resident realises growth. Personal growth and a collective growth as a city. 

In summary, findings from this research ask for a creative operation to the definite values of the city.