In 2011 Eindhoven365 went for the challenge to create a new brand for the city Eindhoven. After an intensive research we challenged and focused on the values. Who chooses will be chosen; Eindhoven chooses for technology, Design and knowledge. These three key-words represent the mentality of Eindhoven. The mentality of being unconventional, teamwork and experimenting. Imagination, unconditionally believing in the future and just going for it. By showing the world of tomorrow today. 


This mentality was the main guideline in the making process. That is how we changed the traditional method to the method of the future. No office duty, but shaping a collection of professionals from different studios, that’s the strategy. An ‘Eindhoven’s team’ of creatives was shaped, wherein regional professionals and talents work together in a balanced team. With one goal in sight; creating the best brand for the city, wich residents can be proud of.

20160909_Daan Melis_door Jantine Albers_