A city is a creation. Always moving. It’s not here, you make it. By jumping into the subject. To understand. To listen. To feel. And by combining your powers. You build a brand together.


Urban Loyalty changes areas in brands. This could be a neighbourhood, village, city, region, province or even a country. The main characteristics for a huge area are the amount of complexity, but smaller area scan offer a great challenge and difficult questions as well. With a history/background in city marketing and city making we at Urban Loyalty understand what needs to be done to (re)position or support an area.

We know exactly what’s going on in the area of trends and progression within city marketing, City making and area branding. We combine the experience and the expertise with creativity and achieve noticeable results. With as main achievement: the core values of the city or area.


Urban Loyalty connects people and brands. Building a brand for a village, city, town or region demands teamwork in a sophisticated, manageable process. We connect residents, entrepreneurs and visitors with cities and areas. We support a brand: from strategy to process to design.


It’s all about the workable creativity. In every phase of the trajectory. We connect qualities from different parties and that’s how we come up with surprising solutions and ideas. With as a result: effective and original concepts that make a difference in city branding and city marketing.