Daan Melis (1969) studied interior design and later at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. After that he worked in India, researching and inventing new packaging and production methods for the coffee and tea business. 

This was the upbeat for founding a consulting company in 1999, named BRAINS FOR CHANGE, facilitating creative solutions for products and supply chain issues in big complex business organizations.

In 2001 Daan started the local magazine SOEPS in Eindhoven, which became a platform of the creative community of Eindhoven. This was the fundament for a separate new company named EDHV, which became one of the leading design studio's in Eindhoven.

Citymarketing organisation Eindhoven365
In 2011, Daan leaded the unconventional process with Peter Kentie and Mark de Greeff, building the new Eindhoven brand and strategy; related events, urban interventions, merchandise and the new brandstore.

From april 2016 on Daan restarted the company SOEPS CreativeCollective: SOEPS collaborates. At beautiful things. Takes up challenges and comes up with solutions which produce results. Solutions of which we are convinced that they are good for your brand, Institute, city or province, but best for the people who live and work there. Combined thinking from concept to marketing, from understanding to citymarketing. From citymarketing to city-making. Leading to new movements. Moving in the right direction.


Together we build on a brand for a city, area or building. Always based on deep research, teamwork and creativity. We register an open proces with short lines, where we use local talented people. From writers till architects. 

With thinkers and doers.